The Perfect Alarm Clock

It is becoming very hard to find something simple in this world.

The other day I realized I was a snooze button victim and decided to relearn how to wake up. I asked on Twitter for the perfect alarm clock, but the results were inconclusive.

Beside the lack of a snooze button (otherwise I would just keep turning it off for 9 minutes every morning between 6 and 9), here’s what I think my perfect alarm clock should have:

  • a digital clock (the mechanical ticking noise makes me become Hulk),
  • a display I could turn off once the time is set (I have already way too much LEDs in my room),
  • a progressive buzzer (so that I can wake up without feeling like somebody is shouting at me).

Here’s what I found out:

  • you just can’t find an alarm without a snooze button,
  • a display can’t be turned off in this world,
  • you can forget about digital alarm that doesn’t do radio (which means you have extra buttons for tuning, presets, FM/AM, extra antenna cable and everything),
  • you need to physically move to a real store in the outside world to listen to the actual sound of the buzzer,
  • almost every alarm clock I found was plain ugly,
  • people give 4 stars out of 5 to alarms they judge as too complicated to use and not loud enough to wake them up.

I ended up with the Philips Some-Letters-Followed-By-Random-Numbers:

It has an auto-dimming display (that you can’t actually turn off) and a sweet progressive buzzer, but in the end, it’s just a big fat digital display on a radio tuner with a snooze button.


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